The Natural Freshwater Pearl Jewellery

Published: 06th October 2011
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Pearls really are a classic look and look good in many different forms of jewellery. Woman love wearing them as they feel sexy and elegant and no matter what jewelry it is they look fantastic. Pearl jewellery has made beautiful presents for centuries and it is only in the last 50 years that they have become more accessible for most of us. Pearls have and always will capture the attention and love of women. For this very reason pearl jewelry makes great presents. Nowadays, Freshwater pearl jewellery is in more demand. Freshwater pearl jewellery is a fantastic gift for you to give or to treat yourself; they are affordable but look so expensive and can be worn with any outfit.

A large majority of pearls today are cultured, including freshwater pearls which come from freshwater mussels. Freshwater pearls have changed beyond all recognition from how they were several decades ago in that they now come in a large range of shapes and colors, from affordable types to extremely high grade round shape which can command several thousand dollars for a necklace just as a saltwater pearl necklace can. The reason this happened was the mollusk species was changed and so the resultant pearls are not the same type as the original tiny, bumpy, seed type which were the freshwater pearls of the 1970's and 1980's.

The freshwater pearls are very rarely perfect in shape, which make them even more unique and fantastic for jewelry. They are smooth and have no bumps or scratches on them; although they are natural you still want them to look their best. These pieces of jewelry make ideal presents for your loved ones, they are timeless and classic. Women of all ages love freshwater pearl jewelry as they match anything they wear, day or night. Pearls are a symbol of love, trust and fidelity which makes it ideal as a wedding or anniversary present.

Choosing the ideal freshwater pearl jewellery will depend on the person, although all pieces do look great some people prefer smaller pieces. There is very little modification when a pearl is harvested, they are not cut or polished, what you see is what you get with the freshwater pearls. Their natural beauty is what makes them so unique, and makes them look fantastic on every woman. A lot of people like to have very unusual pieces of jewelry and for those people having different colors of pearls in one piece will be great. Other people like the pearls to match, therefore you need to try and find pearls that are nearly the same color and shade.

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